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Music is Life...


       My earliest memories were always centered around music.  I grew up listening to rock n’ roll and appreciated all types of genres.  My father being a percussionist  in many bands  became a positive influence...exposing me to a broad range of music.   


      My musical influences consist of songs from the 50's to more recent material.  Having an interest in creating my own rhythms & melodies combined with a strong desire to teach and pass on the gift of music has been a passion of mine.  

    I have had the pleasure of teaching students from beginner to experienced levels from local in person lesson to around the globe online.    My core passion is teaching music theory & chordal theory and its’ relationship to the guitar.  I do encourage my students to practice and strive to gain progress while working through the difficult moments.  My desired style is rock and blues oriented.  However, my interests and experience cover a very broad range of styles. I look forward to meeting you and discussing your music interests & skill level, so we can work on a plan catered specifically in providing you with the tools & skill set to succeed as a guitarist.

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