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Student Reviews 

Tim L. 
From Abingdon, MD


"I have been Austin's guitar student for nearly two years.  He has been so flexible working with my busy schedule.  Austin has worked with me to continue growing as a guitarist .  He is so positive and thoughtful; and WOW such a good young man.  Having a guitar instructor with the extensive knowledge from theory to raw rock styles has allowed me to reach my individual learning style.  From an inexperienced beginner to a veteran player who is already in a band, I would highly recommend Austin as an instructor.  Give Austin a try to help you grow as a guitarist."

- Tim L.

Sebastian D.
From Kingsville, MD

Sebatian Davis.jpg

"My Experience with Austin has been amazing.  He is always kind, patient, and helpful.  Whenever I've had questions, he's been glad to answer them and is extremely knowledgeable and skilled.  I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking to play the guitar."


- Sebastian D.

Wayne D. 
From Essex, MD


"I Have been taking lessons 1 year with Austin and  I have learned so much from him.  He has helped me to advance forward in the guitar world and overall is a guitar great teacher.  I  highly recommend recommend him as a guitar instructor."

- Wayne D.

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